The men’s ministry consists of monthly meetings of fellowship and instruction. The meetings are led by the pastor and promote prayer, learning, and mentoring for male youth. The group is determined to make a difference in the lives of other males, both young and old.

Young Women’s Christian Council (Y.W.C.C)

The Young Women’s Christian Council is a ministry for young
women ages 18 to 40 married or single whose prime purpose is to
dedicate itself to greater Christian Service. It is designed to strengthen and promote church growth by ministering to the specific needs of young women. The YWCC is intended to be an asset to the local church and pastor.

Christian Women’s Council (C.W.C.)

The Christian Women’s Council ministers to women above the age of 40. This ministry provides a dynamic and Godly forum for Christian women by providing training, instruction, and encouragement, as well as the natural and spiritual support. The CWC strives to make a difference in the personal lives of each member, along with supporting the pastor and being involved in community work.

Sisters of Grace

This group of women vary in ages, and meet on a monthly basis. They enjoy fellowship with one another and aim to provide activities that foster growth.


Marriage is honorable in God’s sight, and this is the motivation for the couple’s ministry as it aims to promote strong marriages. The ministry operates by providing Christian fellowship through praying, learning/instruction, and activities.


The singles ministry meets on a monthly basis. This group consists of various ages.