Sunday School

The Lord instructs us to study the word in order to gain understanding for our own growth, and in turn, share it with others. Grace Temple conducts weekly education classes in the form of Sunday school. The classes are divided into age groups and meet every Sunday morning.

Bible Study

Bible study classes are held on Wednesday evenings for the entire family. This is a time set aside for youth and adults to learn how to live a Christian filled life that will be well pleasing to the Lord. Classes are divided according to age groups and materials are provided for study ranging on various topics.

Books of the Bible

These sessions are dynamic and give students the opportunity to learn by studying book by book of the Bible. It is an intense study that is taught by the pastor and allows students to study the word line upon line, and precept by precept. Materials are used that provide thought provoking discussions and questions. These sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Day Camp

During the summer families and youth engage in learning and fun activities at Portage Lake State Park. The annual Day Camp is held over the course of three days in August and has long been a popular venue for young and old alike to get out and enjoy the Lord and summer days. The morning is filled with a devotional, singing, and Christian education classes for the attendees, as the afternoon brings lunch and many fun outdoor activities.