The Music and Fine Arts Ministry is comprised of our Temple Choir, Inspirational Choir, Children’s Choir, Praise and Worship Team and Dance Team that ensure the atmosphere is set for God to move during our services.

Temple Choir

The Temple Choir graces the choir stand on the first and second Sunday’s. The group provides support to the Sunday morning service through inspired songs of Zion.

Inspirational Choir

Energetic and contemporary describe the style of Christian music that flows from this group of singers. They are involved in the services on the fourth Sunday and are instrumental in worship.

Children of Grace

This group of youth is excited about singing for the Lord. They make up the number of youth who provide songs of praise on the third Sunday, which has been designated as Youth Sunday. Their presence reminds us that such is the kingdom of God.

Praise Team

When the praises go up, the blessing come down can best describe the praise team. These singers are instrumental in setting the stage for worship in each service. They usher in the presence of the Lord and evoke an atmosphere of worship.

Praise Dancers

The word encourages us to praise the Lord. We can praise Him with the timbrel and dance among other things. These youth inspire all to lift up or voices to the Lord. They allow the Lord to minister through them as they provide dance interpretation of music.